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Constant service
Lifelong service
Hengjin technology company provides life-long maintenance service for its products.
Warranty repair
All flow meters of Hengjin technology company are guaranteed for 12 months.
Back to visit
Visit regularly and make detailed records.
Respond within 2 hours after receiving the customer's repair report, and arrive at the user's site within 48 hours if on-site service is required. Hengjin Technology Co., Ltd. has resident service engineers in each office and equipped with tools for inspection and maintenance.
Spare parts and replacement
We pay great attention to the "versatility" and "interchangeability" of parts in product design. In addition to a large number of spare parts in the factory, each office also has necessary spare parts to ensure that the user's products can be repaired timely and quickly.
Fujian Hengjin science and Technology Co., Ltd. in order to achieve the long-term goal of "one hundred years of constant strength", in line with the social responsibility concept of "forever cherish the harmonious relationship between human and nature, in order to improve the quality of human life, make continuous efforts in the field of flow industry!" wholeheartedly welcome enterprises and experts from all walks of life at home and abroad to guide, inspect and carry out technical cooperation and exchange. Hand in hand to create brilliant!
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International Trade Manager:
Miss Xu  +86 13559640543