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The main characteristics of intelligent target flowmeter

1. The sensing parts are non-moving parts, and the structure is solid and simple;

2, application scope and broad adaptability, the fluid medium in the process of general industrial, including liquid, gas and steam, diameter range (DN15 above), working condition (pressure, temperature) can be used, can say it with the most widely application of orifice flowmeter using the same scope;

3. High accuracy, with a total measurement of 0.2% R;

4. Wide range, 4:1-15:1;

5. The problem of flow measurement can be solved, such as measuring viscous fluid containing impurities (micro-materials) : crude oil, sewage, high temperature residuum, caustic liquid, asphalt, etc.

6. The fluid which can be used for small diameter (dn15-dn50) low Reynolds number (ReD =103-5 x 103), which makes up for the difficult application of standard throttling devices;

7, can adapt to high fluid measurement parameters, pressure up to tens of Mpa., temperature can reach 450 ℃;

8. Measurement of flow flow of two-way flow;

9. Low pressure loss, about half of the standard orifice plate;

10. Strong interference of upstream negative flow components. The length of the upstream side of the straight pipe is usually 5-10d.

11. The dry type (hanging weight method) can be used to verify the user cycle.

12. Direct reading instrument requires no external energy, clear and clear, easy to operate, or output standard number (pulse frequency or current signal);

13. Moderate price and high performance price;

14. High velocity impact target plate, resulting in vortex street, the output signal will oscillate, affecting the stability of the signal, so the high velocity measurement object should be used with caution.

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International Trade Manager:
Miss Xu  +86 13559640543